My projects over the last 5 years are under Nondisclosure Agreements for enterprise and startup web and mobile applications and cannot be shared on my website, but I'd be happy to chat about the process and strategies that went into solving them. 

Empowering Health Care Workers in the UK to Find work 

With health care workers spending less time stressing about getting enough shifts to pay their bills, they are freed up to focus on quality care. 

More information available upon request.

Helping UX Professionals to Get the Job Done

Providing a tool to help UX professionals prepare for interviews, record the sessions, take notes, and analyze the findings. This tool helps speed up the overall research-gathering process. 

More information available upon request.

Revolutionizing The Way People Volunteer

Changing the conventions in volunteerism, empowering people to find better opportunities, and improving under-served non-profit access to volunteer information. 

More information available upon request.


Transforming The Way Hospitals Find Contract Nurses

Creating a tool that allows hospitals and agencies to work together to easily and efficiently find contract nurses. Less time spent on finding nurses means more time on patient care.

More information available upon request.

Streamlining Outdated systems in Outdoor Education

Making it easy for students to apply and prepare for their extended backcountry expeditions with NOLS. 

Saving Lives with a wilderness Patient Assessment App 

It is impossible to predict when a medical emergency will take place, but this app can be there with you whenever it does!