Strategy  |  Visual Design


Geode Design is currently under construction, but below is the view of the current site.

This company is something I've been dreaming up for many months now. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by geodes. I love that the beauty of the geode is often not seen from the outside, but instead requires someone to uncover it. Someone just needs to see the potential. That same metaphor applies to how I want to help people uncover the hidden potential in their businesses. This company will be focused primarily on user experience and customer experience design, helping business find opportunities big and small for improving their business processes and user experiences. 


Logo Design & Color Palette


The logo design is a geometric interpretation of geode patterns. It will often be seen on top of a geode image as shown below. The color palette was inspired from colors found naturally in geodes and has a warm, active energy that should make users feel inspired, excited, and energized. This is exactly how I want my clients to come to feel about their businesses. 


The Website

These pages below are examples currently under construction.

Thanks for checking out this project! Please feel free to check out the live site here