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Gannett Peak Sports is a small bike, ski, and specialty sport shop in Lander, Wyoming. An ownership change in Fall 2013 prompted the owner to seek out a new identity and website that aligned with the new goals and vision of the shop. The concept of this logo was to emphasize the store's namesake, Gannett Peak, while incorporating the largest component of the business—biking. By focusing on the geography of the namesake and incorporating a subtle bike gear component, we allow the business room to grow well into the future as well as accurately show at a glance the primary role of the business. The mountain component not only emphasizes the geography of the name, but also provides subtle hints as to the other sports that this business serves, such as skiing. 



There seems to be a strong correlation between the roll-out of the new identity and website and an increase in business for Gannett Peak Sports. The last two years have been the best sales years that the business has seen in the more than nine years the business has been in operation. Also, the volumne of customer rentals increased by 18% since last year.


Thanks for checking out this project! Check out the live Gannett Peak Sports site here.